Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In the Land of Women

In the Land of Male/Female Fantasy

After his self-centered girlfriend breaks up with him, struggling writer Carter Webb (Adam Brody) moves
from L.A. to a small town in Michigan to care for his grandmother. Across the street, live two daughters (Kristen Stewart, Makenzie Vega) and two parents (Meg Ryan, Clark Gregg). The beautiful women in the family open up to, reveal their deepest insecurities and feelings to, and fall for Carter in some way. Carter always says the right things to set them on their true paths. Which is more unlikely: to have as a neighbor a cute, sensitive (he cares for his grandmother...) dude who is willing to support or berate if necessary any woman he comes upon? Or to move across from a family full of beautiful women, all of whom are wounded and in need of attention and support? Pure fantasy, and not a believable one at that. Plus, while Vega did well in the role, kudos to having the most unrealistic child character I have ever seen.

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