Monday, December 24, 2012


Argo is a good film. It has the kind of tight direction Ben Affleck can handle with ease, but it is also too tidy. Based on a true story about a CIA operation during the Iran hostage crisis, the film hits all the right notes. It features edgy camerawork, period detail, and tense moments. The opening voiceover explains the history and sources of anti-American sentiment without downplaying the destructive state of the revolution.

If you are interested in a mostly unknown stint in which a CIA agent posed as a filmmaker, check it out. Prepare to recognize a host of faces. Still, the movie feels a bit pat. Some of Argo's scenes are intercut to build tension, yet they also feel a tad predictable and manipulative. In spite of its searing place in history, I didn't find Argo particularly memorable.

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